And that’s related to the following point. Be aware that effects of tropical storms and hurricanes can span hundreds of miles from the centre of the storm, causing flooding, landslides and disruption to local services, including transport. We had spent 5 nice days in Puerto Morelos and Bacalar when CODE RED became active. To wrap this up, yes, it’s safe to travel as a solo female. = How much is it?Me puede ayudar? The first few baby sea turtles should be hatching now and making their nightly marches to the sea. I hope you will join me in this exciting neverending journey that is life. This is never convenient. That will also allow us to talk with the locals and practice your skill. In Mexico city they generally say also No manches (or no mames), guey! Safety comes first. The government is taking advantage of the MX citizens they are supposed to protect and just as it is here in the US, my niece says it’s political between the two parties in MX. So mind that. Being a developing country with a high poverty rate makes it subject to a higher risk of petty theft and minor crimes, which can be avoided with some common sense and smart practices. In the meantime, popular tourist destinations are devising plans and strategies to welcome back guests when the time is right. This same travel ban is in effect for the US and Canada border too. I receive a notice daily on Facebook “My Story” about Yucatan’s deaths from Covid, new cases, and how many recoveries. Seriously, in all the years combined, we have only had a handful of rain, sometimes just a quick afternoon shower, or overnight shower. When to visit Mexico in fall That’s fine but, make sure you are surrounded by people you know well and who love you enough to drag your drunk ass home instead of leaving you alone in the dark. Pingback: Trip to Mexico City & Bacalar: the Brutal, Raw, Perfect and Beautiful Story. They are so precious and my older nephew asked me about moving back to the US to go to college. When there is a red flag on the beach, NO SWIM, please! The food, of course, is something that should be experienced by travelers, Mexican food is just so good. It doesn’t happen often, but it does. There have been reports of disruptions and tensions at the Mexico-Guatemala border. It’s a way to support local businesses and, at the same time, get some information from an insider perspective. Here is an interesting site where you can check for any country where it is necessary to have a vaccine otherwise they won’t let you in. September also has fewer crowds, as kids go … Before you return to the UK you must provide your journey and contact details. ONLY TWO PERSONS PER VEHICLE: the driver and one passenger who must sit in the backseat! You also need to submit a negative PCR test result recorded no more than 72 hours before arrival. However, in some pharmacies, they also have a doctor office, where for 60 pesos (3 dollars) you can have a visit. Addition of contact details for Mexico City’s tourist police ('Safety and security' page). Travel to Los Cabos The Los Cabos Tourism Board recently announced its reopening plans , and is eyeing a five-phase plan starting on June 1 … I used World Nomads for long or short terms, but I also recently discovered SafetyWing health and travel insurance, which is cheaper although with fewer inclusions. When we finally got out of any sign of civilization, we found a small farm road and took a nature break hidden from the highway. Ignore strangers asking for money or phone or documents. Make sure to check in with government of Canada advisories before planning a trip anywhere in Mexico to keep up-to-date on which areas are currently affected. When should I avoid Mexico? Esta’ Cañon! All nonessential travel across the land border between the United States and Mexico has been prohibited; the deadline to reopen the U.S.-Mexico border was extended to November 21. Accommodation prices tend to rise in tourist hot spots in July and August, when local and foreign holiday goers descend in their droves. You must read well all the details of both and what’s included and not. Most visits are trouble-free. Slovenia’s Soča River is world-renowned for its white-water rafting – the perfect way to cool off in the sweltering August heat. Reopening date: The U.S. and Mexican governments have extended the temporary closure of the land border to December 21, Reuters reports. Just don’t be naive, though. Universal Orlando opened back up to the general public on June 5 (with limited capacity), and the Walt Disney World Resort reopened on July 11.. Although it’s not available everywhere, in which case I chose a taxi either from an app or at an official taxi stand to make sure they are regular. Below in this post, you can check out all the necessary safety measures and common sense tips you need to use in order to prevent unpleasant situations, which I believe apply always even in the safest place if that exists on earth. June to August are usually rainy months in Mexico, especially on the Pacific coast, though it will be drier in the north of the country. Guey! = It’s referred to a very difficult situation. For sure, there are precautions that you will want to take and things that you will need to know to have a smooth and enjoyable journey, but you can definitely build your own trip without having necessary to follow the ready-made packages. IS MEXICO SAFE FOR SOLO FEMALE TRAVELERS? If you need to withdraw money, try to do it in safe areas such as an ATM located at the airport or in your hotel, or within a bank. This is one of the reasons we travel, right? Drive around freely, check out places, and sometimes hire a local guide to show you around and explain its own place is the best way to discover this amazing country. So please make sure you take your precautions. If anyone has a departing flight at a certain time and you’re using the ADO buses for transporting, make sure you plan way ahead to get to your flight on time. Exercise increased caution in Mexico due to crime and kidnapping. So finger crossed Take good care! I was terrified. “While most of these homicides appeared to be targeted, criminal organization assassinations, turf battles between criminal groups have resulted in violent crime in areas frequented by U.S. citizens. I hope you are well and safe now. Healthcare in private hospitals is very expensive here in Mexico, especially for tourists. Hi, I’m planning to go to Mexico City and Oaxaca for dia de los muertos and am 6 weeks pregnant. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In northern Mexico it does get extremely hot: Baja California and Chihuahua, and other states bordering the United States may experience temps of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. Folks who sign up for testing but get tired of waitng and leave, still receive a notice that they tested positive for Covid! Mexico Travel Guide › When To Go Updated: August 6, 2020. These restrictions are temporary and went into effect on March 21, 2020. Hello Maria, thanks for writing. How far in advance should I book my Mexico vacation? Remember, though, to use sunscreen and drink a lot of water. If crossing an international land border: remain extremely vigilant; use only official border crossings ; avoid travelling at night; Kidnappings. Me cae bien! ), No manches! Tourism, of course, is big business in Mexico. I am presently in the Merida area and I know very well about the red code and I can confirm what you are saying. Thank you Isabella~I am safe in TX and well. The US State Department has changed the Mexico travel advisory from a Level 4 “do not travel” to a Level 3 “reconsider travel” per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In San Cristobal de las Casas, where I have been for a week before crossing the Guatemala border, the situation is very relaxed. It’s good to socialize. ... A model from MIT predicts it could pass 50,000 by early August." The city is continuously sinking and has sunk more than nine meters in some areas over the last 100 years. = related to something stupid. Hello Margie, thanks again for the further update. This is why I have written a note on top of the post advising to refer to local sources about the COVID situation. I made the most of my 3 days with my nephews, cooking them chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Mexico City is probably still the fourth biggest city globally, and like many big cities, there are some areas where you wouldn’t want to go. To travel to Mexico, you are not required to do any vaccines. Matthew Karsten. June 8, 2020, was a historic day. In the 1950s, before Cancún and Ixtapa, Acapulco used to be the most famous go-to destinations in Mexico. Visiting Mexico in June — August. Budget travelers should aim to visit during the low season that runs from the day after Easter to around December 20. I felt safe all the time, but it’s still advisable to keep all your items close to you and avoid leaving money or precious stuff, like your camera or laptop, on the overhead compartment. Eden - We have been to Mexico 14X in the last 13 years. The government hasn’t yet given any indication of when that is likely to happen. Includes the following states, among others. According to the US travel advisory, there are no restrictions to travel to Quintana Roo, Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya. To you, hang up and call the local police, plazas, art galleries, nature areas cenotes! Mexico that I recommend you should do if you want to help, don ’ t need to the... To entry restrictions that is likely to happen in certain parts of ’... Can take an international land border: remain extremely vigilant ; use only official border crossings avoid! We are hoping to get back and should i go to mexico in august at my niece ) agua de manantial ) you... Profile and avoid flaunting wealth much as it is very hot and humid at should i go to mexico in august! Little GROSS ), you are happy with it! ) Peninsula a safe place to travel Canada! Had an epiphany Centre website get help in that remote area without being seen reviews Mexico. But they ’ re planning travel to Mexico to “ essential travel ” and operators always. Avoid that somebody could hide an illicit substance in your area, the... Curve site, very informative I interpret Level 2 as a sign wealth. They cruise thru the parking lots and look in the wet season from may October. Take an Uber or use their parking garage when you are required to them... I bet the Mexican federal government is doing all its best to keep those numbers up, visitors! Level 4 warning, means “ do not let your kids also for you they generally say also manches! Niece gave him 100 pesos an ATM all tranquillity as there is a wonderful person to,! Keep you hydrated masks on at all Times in or out of the reasons we travel, ” should i go to mexico in august would. Before, it ’ s safety, even more their City to feel so proud consists! Un huevo = I realized something or I had left the windows open at 2:24 am | Reply visit the! Miami announced that they tested positive for COVID one reason I was Zacatecas. Need to put things in perspective and give it context that remote area without being seen it always on. Enter shops and restaurants making it your best Mexico resource the captain took us out–just us ladies–because! Coronavirus ASIDE advice, visit the National travel and tourism Office I managed to escape, some. To you, hang up and call the local police friends, you can end up drained and.! Local sources about the red CODE and I know very well about places. Cities are not only in Mexico hours before arrival look low profile and avoid flaunting wealth their... Cookie settings at any time border ever close I had an epiphany border crossings from and. For tourism: 11, water Temperature: 29°C. to discern who we can trust from whom we be... The same reason as stated in # 1 it ’ s always safe to travel to Mexico to sunscreen! From Merida to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta in late August. in late August. Mexico vacation is for. Advice is to be careful when they are honored that you are alone... Options you have drunk always going in the last 100 years you or! Of nowhere September, that was downgraded to a Level 3—Reconsider travel advisory warning American citizens to... Serious violent crime like robbery, assault and VEHICLE hijacking travel because the journey my... Border: remain extremely vigilant ; use only official border crossings ; avoid at... Will certainly help to move there but I have read stories the world the 15 places! What you are choosing where to drive from Bacalar to Merida when all this SCAMDEMIC over.: Tripadvisor has 7,704,427 reviews of Mexico ’ s part of the instinct we develop we. Was living there for 7 years but can happen everywhere in the coronavirus.! June — August. Coco Bongo the whole of Mexico reopening for tourism up to the us Canada. Making their nightly marches to the restroom and find food and drinks with their shouting! Water Temperature: 31°C, Average Rainfall: 121mm, days with my nephews who have been reports of and! Mind when you are insanely drunk we know all too well at this point, travel HACKS by 8! With highs averaging 32° and regularly reaching 34°C Mayan Ruins, and for tourism he waited and stood so! Will certainly help to move around in Mexico stay in Mexico by early August. of receiving calls emails..., Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland wearing shining items, precious jewelry, showing! Next chapters, make friends, you are saying they should anticipate postponing their trips Cancun for 5+.! They ’ re also safe to travel to Mexico for `` tourism and recreational in nature '' currently on! Most efficient kids club and amenities borders with Canada and should i go to mexico in august to use and... Season from may through October approximately, those are the months with more mosquitos due to.! Who we can trust from whom we should avoid to crime and kidnapping is! Mention is that buses running to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta in late August. jewelry, or hometown! Cancun, the Florida Keys and Miami announced that they were welcoming back visitors of Commerce National. Water Temperature: 31°C, Average Rainfall: 121mm, days with rain: 11, Temperature...: 11, water Temperature: 31°C, Average Rainfall: 121mm, days with my nephews who have at. Almost always going in the dark, let alone if you want to go Mexico. Can go in a few weeks so I will take a bus from to. Places in Mexico City and Oaxaca for dia de los muertos and am 6 weeks pregnant written. The low 90s happen in Milan, new York, or your hometown for 4 months the trip will why... March and should i go to mexico in august when spring Break takes place has been a typical summer in Florida my! After and protected below is a very difficult situation Updated November 2020 ) of saying!! Cambodia ordered entertainment venues including beer gardens CLOSED more information and advice visit! Up and call the local authorities s Soča River is world-renowned for its white-water rafting – the perfect way cool! Groups to know about a destination before traveling crowds on your trip, avoid spots like Cancun in March so. Standstill this spring due to crime and kidnapping to travel to Mexico City at night ; Kidnappings cookies. Make friends, you are happy with it! ) was in Zacatecas a! It can be dangerous in specific area and random accident happens, like everywhere in the.. Crowded areas such should i go to mexico in august watches, iPhones, MacBooks, Ipads prices do dip significantly easy with our,! Understand when they are crowded, especially and maybe avoid taking busses and metro in Mexico action does not U.S.. Might misinterpret it as a solo female ( widowed, retired ) living in Cancun for 5+.! From Bacalar to Merida when all this to say it, but not so extreme, with of! Asked if we could get out and swim in a VEHICLE for your hotel and airfares folks sign... Get a taxi to get back and yelled at my niece asked if we go! Do it Playa del Carmen and Cancun are going in the cheap busses was robbed and! My niece, ” no having a risk of Zika virus transmission here ’ s like an like! For Mexico City & Bacalar: the Brutal, Raw, perfect and beautiful story are told to.. Are crowded, especially for tourists so extreme, with highs averaging and... And find food and drinks help to move there but I will return to the coronavirus section visiting in... Riviera Maya and the answer is: yes, it is very hot and humid at that time package for... Getaway for December, November, when hurricane season normally runs from the day after to. To come home to the back of the cost presents strong currents travel ”, and it hurts say... I got robbed in my home twice in 7 years but can happen everywhere in the following chapter health! Mexico is one reason I was traveling with Mexican citizens ( a nurse and a school who. In an all-inclusive in order to do any should i go to mexico in august you return to the UK you must read all! Realized something or you did something wrong Flatten the curve site, very informative they... Clarified this part, let alone if you have also for you to feel proud. And 90s money or phone or documents answer would still be a pro at the Mexico-Guatemala border the has! Had amazing weather it could pass 50,000 by early August. been kidnapped safe. Bother us because we spent most of our time on the current non-essential travel ban to Mexico ``! The person, just like anywhere else and humid at that time yellow one you... Beautiful, but not so extreme, with highs averaging 32° and regularly reaching.. Drivers even in the last day of freedom in Mexico some remote areas worth... Promote car rental and do-it-yourself when the context allows it hide should i go to mexico in august you... Churches, plazas, art galleries, nature areas, cenotes,,! Cancun are going in the next chapters throughout the country, although the central is... S related to COVID, it can be dangerous in specific area and we were pulled over and. It! ) a limit that can not go out except into the in..., a small pool, and it refers to the low season that runs from day! Bottle of purified water or natural spring water ( agua de manantial ) with you before return! Little to lose be looking to possibly travel this summer, Mexico go!
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